The European futsal championships have been opened. FSSI President Guido Zanecchia: “It doesn’t matter the result, the important thing is to participate in this great event”

It was held this afternoon, at the Palaroma of Montesilvano, the opening ceremony of the sixth edition of the deaf futsal championships of Montesilvano, the first organized in Italy. To greet the 18 participating nations, the mayors of the two host cities, Ottavio De Martinis to represent Montesilvano and the first citizen of Città Sant’Angelo, Matteo Perazzetti. In addition, the president of the organizing committee Alessandro Bernardini, together with the president of the FSSI, Guido Zanecchia, thanked the institutions and provided details regarding the number of participating teams: “I am proud to have organized for the first time this European Championship here in Italy – says Zanecchia -. Thanking all the participating teams (26, ed), I can say that the result does not matter, the important thing is to participate in this great event.” Finally, EDSO President Josif Stravakakis, agreeing to the thanks, declared the games open. The event was also attended by Ezio Memmo (President LND Abruzzo), Alessandro Di Berardino (vice-president vicar LND Abruzzo), Salvatore Vittorio (head of 5 LND Abruzzo), Enzo Imbastaro (President CONI Abruzzo) and Simona Placiduccio (Provincial delegate of the CIP of Pescara). To open the ceremony, the parade of the 26 teams that accompanied the flags of their countries, followed by the singer Silvia Mezzanotte performed – marking some parts in Lis – the anthem of Mameli accompanied by his guitarist Riccardo Cherubini. It was then the turn of the company of deaf dancers Silent Beat, who staged a choreography on the theme of the work. To close the show, the group of Lux Arcana who lit the Palaroma with their play of lights.